You have complete control with Simply Connect

Open, close and configure your automation with the Simply Connect app, wherever you are.
Complete convenience with just a touch on your smartphone.

Private Individuals

Practical, convenient, simple. Just a touch on your smartphone to open your doors and gates: you can customise all entrance for family and guests, and monitor it in real time. Totally wireless, total savings, total security.


Savings, efficiency and security for shops, companies big and small, and apartment buildings. Each entrance is configurable to meet your requirements and can be monitored in real time, with customised entrancefor employees, residents and suppliers.


More than a management system, more than an app. Easy configuration of automation, remote entranceand maintenance, real-time malfunction alerts: a new management and development tool for your business on PC and tablet.


Progress and innovation

Thanks to its achievements in over 50 years of business and numerous acquisitions, FAAC is now a global presence serving all types of commercial design, installation and after-sales support in the field of entrance control and automation.

Today, the FAAC Group can rely on local offices to meet the specific needs of the respective countries, while remaining in line with the Group’s consistent commercial and industrial vision.

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